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Hillside Student
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Where rigorous academics set the stage for students to unearth their unique gifts


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Discovering Students’ Gifts Since 1969

Success Stories Shared by Our Community

Explore firsthand experiences and triumphs through testimonials from our alumni, parents, and students. Hear stories that reflect our community.

Went there for 8th grade, and it was my best school experience yet. The teachers are genuinely caring and are willing to explain if someone doesn't understand something. I'm really gonna miss you hillside 🙂
Heather SmithHeather Smith
17:02 07 May 22
My daughter joined Hillside in 6 th grade and graduates this year. We credit Hillside with her academic success and emotional growth these past years, despite the pandemic. The small class size, truly caring teachers, and strong academic work have prepared her for college. Like all students, she had moments of procrastination and getting quite behind on papers and projects/ but with the support of the teachers, she finished and even excelled in her work. Hillside does not ask its students to just complete endless mounds of busywork or endlessly memorize things. The students complete months long projects with their history papers- work that will prepare them for college as well as future careers with problem or project based assignments. They must learn to live in community with fellow students without the luxury of avoiding those you disagree with, due to its small size. And the staff strive to provide each student the tools to communicate with others, and move away from a goal of “perfection” with its arts classes and drama club. As more proof of its academic rigor, my daughter was accepted to all of her colleges, including very competitive schools like Oberlin College and Whitman, with scholarships to each. Thank you Hillside for truly caring and wonderful community!
Kathy Fruge BrownKathy Fruge Brown
18:21 26 Oct 21
One of the most impressive thing about Hillside is the faculty's level of passion and commitment; students grow in a community of teachers who can ignite their interests and learning. Even the teachers who've been there quite a long time aren't 'burnt out' but seem to have grown into their calling, caring deeply for individual students and the community as a whole. The visual arts and drama programs are especially remarkable, and were very important for my son--but all the faculty are excited about their subjects, and show a mutual support of each other that I've rarely seen in another school.
M “Scooter Banzai”M “Scooter Banzai”
01:34 24 Oct 21
As a former student of hillside I can whole heartedly say that it was a very nurturing and accepting atmosphere. I was encouraged to use my strengths and improve my weaknesses.
I'm a 2020 graduate and went to hillside from 5th grade till my senior year of high school. This school has 100% prepared me for college as a college prep schools, and some of the classes have a work load comparable to college courses. This might sound scary at first, especially for a prospective student, but it really makes the transition into college that much easier. I would compare them to AP classes at a public high school.However, I would say the biggest selling point of the school is the faculty. They truly care about the student's well being and progression in education and are accommodating as well. Almost every teacher here is excellent, and throughout your time here you will build a great relationship with each one of them. They also higher teachers based on student feedback, and are more than willing to hire a bachelors over a masters if they feel the teacher is a better fit.A criticism I see here is that the school is art oriented and has a politically liberal bias. I would say, yes for the most part these aspects are true. However, the school does offer advanced math courses all the way up to calculus. While the school may be lacking with science classes, this is easily made up for by the fact every student does the running start program senior year and supplements these science course for ones at Bellevue College. I'm an engineering major, and going to a more art focused school did not hinder my acceptances to STEM schools. As for having a liberal bias it is center left overall, and as a student you are more than welcome to express your ideology during class. Of course extremism is another issue, but if you are moderately conservative I don't think many people will care.
Bert AdamsBert Adams
22:02 31 Dec 20
Hillside is the sort of unique community one must participate in, in order to fully absorb the gravity of. Affording kids the opportunity to both be kids as long as possible, and to write college-level material at early ages, there is no place more suited to the child who belongs there. Those that love it cherish it, and those that don't, likely misunderstand it. Small class sizes allow a more intimate discussion setting, where a child may truly thrive if they choose to do so. Largely run by the Sherrard family, in legacy of one of the best, most gentle women I have ever known, Edith; Hillside truly lives up to its proclamation of being a Student Community.
Courtney SpensCourtney Spens
17:25 27 Nov 18
I attended Hillside from 8th to 12th grade. What an exceptional experience! I have never encountered teachers who care more about their students' education, growth and development than at Hillside. The family values upon which the school was founded shine through the curriculum at every opportunity. Hillside challenged me in so many ways from college-level history papers starting in ninth grade to an emotional understanding of myself and my peers, something I wouldn't understand the importance of until much later. After graduating in 2009, I obtained an engineering degree at Stanford University and now work in the medical industry. Nearly 10 years later the academic and life lessons Hillside provided me are still some of the most important I have gained throughout all my education, and the campus and staff hold a very dear place in my heart. I highly recommend your child spend as much time there as possible.
Katharine LampertiKatharine Lamperti
03:33 17 May 18
We found Hillside SC a few years ago, and enrolling our son in the school starting in 6th grade was one of the best decisions we have made as parents. Hillside SC is a very unique school, with a rigorous academic curriculum while encouraging each student's individualism. Our son is learning a lot, yet is no longer stressed about school. The open and accepting community has also helped him to gain confidence and maturity. We are all so grateful for this incredible school.

Fostering Resilient Minds at Hillside

Academic Rigor and Critical Thinking

In our classrooms, students refine their academic research skills to sharpen their prowess in critical thinking. Our electives allow students to discover interests beyond the core curriculum, promoting a well-rounded and versatile skill set. Similarly, our “block” classes, characterized by longer periods of instruction, provide a deeper and more flexible examination of subjects.


Comprehensive College Readiness

Our college counselor thoughtfully assists students in course planning, admissions guidance, and on-site proctoring of College Board exams. We oversee programs such as Running Start and student-led Junior Projects, providing comprehensive support for future success.

Our students have been accepted at top colleges and universities including Harvard, MIT, University of Washington Honors Program, Colombia, Bard, and many others.

Community-Focused Learning

Our students learn to collaborate with diverse groups of peers. They become adept at supporting each other in various pursuits whether it be individual or community interests. With small class sizes, every student sits in the front row and feels encouraged to actively participate.

Discover your gifts! Adventure awaits at Hillside Student Community School

Embrace the spirit of Hillside, where learning through mistakes is at the core of our rigorous program. Join our dynamic community today!

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Hillside Student Community School

Where rigorous academics set the stage for students to unearth their unique gifts.

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